Looe Cornwall

Blog a book 1: Decisions, decisions …

I need to get in the habit of writing without obsessing over each and every word and taking years to write a book. So, I’ve decided to play here posting a book ‘live’ – you can see in real time how things are developed and change. I think I’ll be working on a Christmas novella. I say novella, but I have a real problem writing ‘short’ so let’s see where this goes.


At the moment, I have a vague idea as follows:

Heroine – Julie, owns a bakery in Looe

Hero – Rob, cop in Looe

Both appear in Cross Current and Rob is also mentioned in Ebb Tide.

Setting: Christmas in Looe – there’ll be a murder or two and a robbery and that is all I know. Oh, and there will be dogs. Lots of dogs!


PS The photo is one I took in Looe a few years ago.





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