Jack be Quick Fiona Quinn

Jack be Quick – Fiona Quinn

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I know it has been awhile since my last post but hopefully this one will make up for it as I am recommending a new military romantic suspense series.

This book, Jack be Quick, is actually book 2 in the series but it can be read as a standalone. I am planning on hunting up all the rest because I really enjoy Fiona Quinn’s writing.

I do have to say the book needs a proofread – there are a handful of errors and they pull you out of the story but I am still recommending the book. Why? Because the characters are adorable – I’m sure neither would appreciate my saying that but really, you can just tell they are meant to be together despite the fact that they are chalk and cheese. And Jack is a to-die-for hero (aside from the sob session at the end – that wouldn’t happen!). I finished the book and was left feeling like I needed to know more about these people and this Strike Force team. Luckily there are more books in the series!

On a final note, this book will not be for you if you want all your heroines kick-ass or if you are looking for a very complicated plot. Personally, I enjoyed a little side adventure in the South American rainforests and I have commented before that I want heroines to be representative of ALL personality types or we just end up moving from ‘rescue me, I’m useless’ damsels to ‘don’t mess with me’ chicks. I like diversity in my fiction thank you very much!

Ok, enough waffling from me. Here’s the blurb:

Jack be Quick – Fiona Quinn

The Prayer On Her Lips Is Jack Be Quick

It’s been months since ex-Navy SEAL Jack McCullen last saw his fiancée, Suz Molloy. He was on the other side of the world involved in a grueling black ops mission for Iniquus Corporation at the behest of the US government. Mission fail meant a special flight home, and an ambulance ride to the hospital where Suz should have been waiting for him.

˃˃˃ Something Is Very Wrong, And Lynx Might Be His Only Hope

When Jack rouses from his surgery to find Suz missing, he knows something is very wrong. Led by the psychic “knowings” of his Iniquus colleague, Lynx, Jack risks everything as he desperately tries to reach Suz in time to thwart the terrorists’ plot and save her life.

This time, his mission is for more than love of country; it’s for the love of his life – his heart and soul.

˃˃˃ USA Today Bestselling Author Fiona Quinn Takes Readers On Another Thrillride!

**Jack Be Quick is the second book in the Strike Force Series. It can be read as a stand alone.


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