Mr Imperfect Karina Bliss

Mr Imperfect – Karina Bliss

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have another Contemporary Romance recommendation for you. Somehow murder and mayhem don’t quite invoke the right vibe!

Mr Imperfect is written by Karina Bliss, another NZ-based author (although I don’t know her personally). It was actually published as a Harlequin Super Romance a few years ago but she has since got her rights back and I think it is now indie published. I found it a great feel-good read (although I am not personally a fan of the new cover).

This was the old cover:

Mr Imperfect – Karina Bliss

A second chance for love…or the last word? It’s a tough choice when your sexy childhood sweetheart shows up in this award-winning rural romance by Karina Bliss.

She broke his heart….It takes a funeral to drag bad-boy millionaire Christian Kelly back to his rural New Zealand hometown. Now thanks to an ancient IOU, he’s stuck there trying to save the inheritance of the only woman who ever dumped him. His first love, Kezia Rose.

He never said goodbye….These days she might be a respected pillar of the community, but Kezia will dance with the devil if it will keep a 100-year-old hotel in her family—except this time she’s calling the tune.

What if all you ever wanted were the things you left behind? As old secrets are revealed, they’re faced with the same dilemma. Can a loner find the courage to be vulnerable? Should a nurturer settle for a man who refuses to need her?

Trusting love is still their greatest challenge.

Mr. Imperfect is a Romantic Book of the Year (RUBY) winner Australia.

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