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Military Romantic Suspense

Ebb Tide by Leah Murray book cover

A past full of trauma, a present full of danger, a future worth fighting for

Ex-Navy pilot Will Fletcher has returned home to the fishing village of Looe, Cornwall, and bought a pub. As far as he’s concerned, he’s done with the military, with trouble, and with women. All he’s interested in is living a quiet life in the country with his dogs and his boat.

Desperate to escape a traumatic past, local vet Jo Williams has fled her native New Zealand for Looe. She’s finding her new home rather lonely, but a relationship is the last thing she wants. After all, her stalker ex-boyfriend Jack is the reason she ran in the first place. Yet when Jo meets Will the chemistry between them is undeniable, and it is clear that fate has her own plans for them.

Unfortunately, so does Jack–and his include murder.

Cross Current by Leah Murray book cover

Redemption comes at a deadly price

Two years ago, army sniper Noah Myers lost everything: his wife, his son, and his freedom. After serving time in military prison, Noah emerges with a single mission—to win back the love of his life.

Meanwhile, Amy faces her own battles, raising their son alone while trying to solve a series of chilling murders. The last person she expects to come to her aid is Noah. She doesn’t trust him—but she needs his help.

Noah is willing to do whatever it takes to redeem himself and win his family back. But in a town plagued by secrets and lies, seeking the truth may just destroy them all.