Youtube channel recommendations to escape the current craziness ..

I’ve been busy with LIFE as per usual but I thought I’d just take a moment to share some Youtube channels that I always find comforting to watch – just some suggestions for people to try find some rays of light among the current craziness that is our world. Stay safe people and enjoy settling in to watch these guys:



Savidge Reads

Writing/Planning and Stationery

Heart Breathings


Minnie Small


Yoga with Adriene


Charles Dowding

MI Gardener

Business/Positivity and Personal Development

Marie Forleo

Carrie Green

Personally, I am re-reading Wolf Hall as part of Savidge Read’s ‘Mantel in March’ readalong and binge watching journalling/planning videos as I try get my life in order. I am waiting for beta reader feedback on Cross Current so rest assured it WILL be out this year. At least you guys can be sure I’m not in this to make a quick buck 🙂 I’m also avoiding social media for the most part. Anyway, I hope you find these links useful.