Welcome to my website! Here, I aim to not only showcase my own books, but also to build a carefully curated selection of ‘must reads’ from classic bestsellers to hidden gems.

I’m a bit bored seeing the same books advertised everywhere so I’d rather hunt down backlist items or undiscovered treasures, but I will definitely include any bestsellers that I happen to enjoy. If you see a review here, you can basically take it as a personal recommendation. I won’t be including a star rating system as I only plan to cover books I have personally rated 4 or 5 stars.

What I like to read

I plan to provide in-depth reviews focusing on romantic suspense and mysteries/thrillers. I’m particularly partial to British police procedurals and psychological thrillers, but I’ll also add a few non-fiction ‘tomes’ on British history or adventure–it depends on what catches my fancy.

In terms of romance, I like western and military heroes as opposed to billionaires. I used to be an avid reader of Mills and Boon Intrigue, Romantic Suspense and SuperRomance, which covers the modern Heroes and Heartwarming lines I think.

My own books

I’m a bit of a slow writer, but I will include updates on my own novels too. My biggest ‘influences’ as a writer would be Daphne Du Maurier, Nora Roberts, and Tana French-so make of that what you will! Add in an 80s childhood spent watching the A Team, McGyver and Magnum P.I. and you’ll probably get the gist of what I like in a story 🙂 You can find excerpts from my books here.

Blogging and email schedule

Ultimately, I aim to bring you reviews and updates that will be collated in a single monthly email. The books I recommend here are ones I would personally rate 4 or 5 star reads, but taste differs. In my monthly newsletter I include these as “featured books”, but I also include 2 or 3 other books I have read or have just added as part of a “haul”. Please do sign up if you’d like more book recommendations that aren’t typical of the current hit list or heavily marketed titles “of the moment”.

That’s it for today so thank you for visiting and happy browsing!

P.S. The featured image is a photo I took of beautiful Looe estuary in Cornwall, one of my favourite places in the world.