About Me

I firmly believe novels are so much more than just books – they’re an escape into another world. And that’s been a theme in my life. I was born in South Africa in the late 70s and have since spent quite some time traveling and studying. After a few decades working as a freelance writer (turning my hand to everything from IT to medicine, winemaking and fine arts), I’ve now settled down in small-town coastal NZ.

I’m a bit of a Britophile and I’d love to live in an old country house in Cornwall or Yorkshire. Since that’s not possible right now, I escape into my novels set there! Join me if you too are a fan of country house murders and atmospheric British police procedurals. Of course, I’ve been ‘spoiled’ by Rebecca and Nora Roberts so I can’t help but add a dash of romance to my suspense. As a lifelong student of human nature, I’m also quite taken with psychological thrillers so I don’t shy away from the ‘dark side’ or emotional angst, but I absolutely insist on a happy ending. Got to believe that moral arc bends towards justice!

Image of author Leah Murray in the Scilly Isles, Cornwall